What does Jang Multimedia provide?
Jang Multimedia delivers digital copy of Pakistan’s largest circulated newspaper Daily Jang-in the same format as the print issue-- to customers around the globe.
How is this better than reading newspaper and magazine websites?
Think about your favorite newspaper. The presentation of the content is carefully organized for you in ways that make the reading experience pleasurable and fulfilling. It's presented so you can scan your items of interest, since you don't know in advance everything you want to see. Jang Multimedia provides an enhanced experience with interactive features like Video Footages, Audio clips, asking your opinion on burning issues and major stories, leading you to advertiser web pages, high quality pictures and beauty of Urda Nasta’aliq script. You can zoom the text enough for senior readers with weak eye-sight. These things are not possible with the Print version.
How will I receive my issues?
You will be provided a Login Id and User Password after your successful registration through your valid email acocunt. The URL information will also be provided in the same email message.
My printed papers and magazines are frequently delayed or missing due to delivery problems. Can Jang Multimedia do a better job?
Absolutely. Jang Multimedia's automated production 24 x 7 (around-the-clock) availability through our website have demonstrated a 99.8% uptime. We also use Internet caching at thousands of locations across the globe to assure that you get your publications quickly and reliably, anywhere in the world.
I have a notebook computer. Can I take it on a plane and still read my Jang Multimedia publications?
You can access Jang Multimedia wherever you have access to internet.
What do I need to read Jang Multimedia publications?
YYou need a PC or a notebook with a compatible web browser (MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher recommended) with an internet connection and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel.
Can I see back Issues?
Yes! You can see last seven day’s archive.
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